The Choir Accelerator Programme


The Clap and Tap federation's initiative named The Choir Accelerator Programme, has been the vehicle of the organizations core programmes. The programme runs for a period of 8 weeks transformation phase:

Level 1 Status - which is no compliance, no registration, no album, no-music online, no music collecting registration to:

Level 3 Status - which is Fully Compliant, active bank account, recorded album, music on all online channels, registered for all collecting Societies i.e. SAMRO, RISA, AIRCO, IMPRA and SAMPRA.  

Selection Requirements

  • You must be a member of the Federation in Good Standing. 

  • Choir with no active registration

  • No active bank account in the name of the Entity

  • No album released in the past 5 Years

  • Must have more than 20 Members

  • Must be operating in South Africa

  • Must be a clap and tap choir as defined by the General knowledge.

  • Must be able to commit to a full 8 weeks programme with 3 representative in every session.

Opening for Applications on 23 April 2021 and Closing date for Applications is 30th April 2021. We are aiming to select 5 choirs per province. 

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